Some of the questions that we are frequently asked

At what age can your child start in club Piou-piou?

We welcome children from 3 years old into Club Piou-Piou..
The animation and development of the kindergarten will assist with the learning of skiing to toddlers. It is an area dedicated to the children of this size and age to help them socialise, enjoy, learn to ski and achieve as much as possible. An imaginary little world that will motivate the child to play "ski" in the snow area.

The psychological and characteristics of children between 3 and 5 years are taken into account. Through the discovery of the key characters of Club Piou-Piou, and through play, the child will gradually evolve towards being relaxed on their skis, therefore being more confident and achieving more.

Classes in the morning, afternoon or whole day ?

The program of the day is established in respect to the children's requirements, wants and desires. Outside the learning periods of skiing, time is divided between meal breaks, toilet stops, games and discovery of the the snow and the mountain ... Whilst your child is in the club and if you see your little skier without skis, tell yourself that these moments are required, children get tired quickly and their attention to acquiring the skills required is very short. They will ski in their own time, however we do not force the issue, we will let them play and then encourage them back to their skis to try again.

What if your child does not ski on the first day?

Your child may need a little more time to acclimatise, get their bearings, discover a new world ... Let them take their time. They will observe, play, jump, run, slide in the snow with their ski boots; all these movements are not trivial, they will allow them to become familiar with the snow and their equipment. The skiing soon follows !

What if my child cries on the first day ?

The professionals of Club Piou-Piou have immense experience and can recognise the tears of separation and the tears resulting from the fear of the unknown and will do everything to reassure and distract your little ones, trying to achieve those smiles. We attach great importance to dialogue with parents, please feel free to send us all the information we may need to know about the well-being of your child.