FOR parents


The supervision and teaching teams of Club Piou Piou are composed of qualified personnel specifically trained to teach children how to ski.
Taking into account the requirements of early childhood,  the physical, emotional and moral security of each child are the primary concerns within our children's clubs.
The teaching of skiing to children is an integral part of the professional qualification that our ESF instructors undertake, which allows them to ensure a smooth, caring, dynamic and progressive approach to the children and their learning.

What equipment does my child need?

  • Jacket, salopettes or suit, suitable for skiing and snow conditions: warm, comfortable and waterproof
  • Mittens rather than finger gloves
  • Goggles or sunglasses (attached by a cord). 
  • High factor sun cream. Even in cloudy weather, the conditions are powerful in the mountains.
  • Helmet is strongly recommended.

Extras to remember: 

  • Pockets in their jacket for the lift pass and a small snack! 
  • Do not put their salopette straps (braces) under the jumper, in case they require the toilet urgently! 
  • A sweater or fleece: opt for something breathable (once getting started students can get hot). 
  • Layers are good but not too many; we recommend a baselayer (breathable thermals), a fleece, and waterproof (ski) jacket.
  • In cold weather thermal tights under their salopettes
  • Ski socks - warm and the correct size, too big or more than one pair can cause discomfort in the boot.

Is there any other information regarding equipment for my child?? 

  • Shoes / boots: in their size ! Not 3 times bigger so you can fit an extra pair of socks - this can cause discomfort.
  • SKI's : skis should be chin height.  Trust the professionals in the hire shops to adjust the bindings to their weight.
  • Poles : poles are not needed in Club Piou Piou. 
  • Helmet: Absolute necessity. A helmet is a must for all children!
  • We recommend hiring the equipment for children. If you buy the equipment, know that your child will grow and the settings will need to be adjusted each year or they may well have outgrown the equipment.

Let the experts teach your child! 

Trust us we have your child's welfare as our priority. But if you want to stay and observe please do so from afar and stay hidden behind the barriers once the lesson has started. It's natural to want to watch your child but unpleasant for the instructor and also makes your child more apprehensive, looking around for you rather than focusing on their skiing and also far more likely they will have tears! Ask for a little assessment at the end of the lesson, it will be gladly granted by the instructor or the manager at Club Piou-Piou.
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