The teams staffing and supervising the Piou Piou clubs are made up of qualified personnel trained in ski instruction for children. Consideration of the needs of early childhood as well as physical, emotional, and mental security are always the top priority in our children's clubs. Children's ski education is an integral part of the professional qualification of the ski instructor; this allows him or her to insure fluid, dynamic, and progressive learning.


Ski boots - Make sure your child's size is the correct one, not three sizes too large so you can put on two extra pairs of socks besides the leggings. That would be a mistake. Skis - the nose of the ski should be chin height (when vertical). Trust the professionals for the regulation of the safety bindings according to the weight of your child. Ski poles - there are no poles in the Piou-Piou Club. The helmet - obligatory. Wearing a helmet while skiing is just as necessary for a child as riding in a car seat and wearing a seat belt while in a vehicle. Mittens - YES. Gloves with fingers - NO! Glasses - mask or sunglasses (attached with a cord). Please have a minimum UV protection of 3. Jacket, overall or combination(overall) - warm), comfortable, and waterproof. Consider: pockets in the jacket for a small snack and the lift ticket. Suspenders under the sweater are not practical if your child has to go to the toilet quickly. Under the sweater - opt for breathable material. (Get rid of the cotton which locks in the humidity in case of perspiration.) A woollen or fleece pullover would work well. Leggings - the same as under the sweater, avoid the cotton. Socks - warm and correctly fitted. Folds in socks cause rubbing and blisters. Consider: bring sunscreen even in overcast weather; the UV radiation is intense in the mountains. Bring your child's plush toy to the Piou-Piou Club. Also bring his or her health record; insure your child. If you buy the equipment, be advised that your child is going to grow; his or her size will not be the same from one year to the next.


At what age can your children go to the Piou-Piou Club?

In most of the clubs, children are welcome as young as three-years-old. Social capacities are present at this age. The staff and management of the Piou-Piou Club will facilitate teaching skiing to small children. It is a universe dedicated to children, specifically designed for their sizes and abilities - a small imaginary world which will motivate the children to play, learning the feel of skis on their feet, in the snow space. The psychological characteristics and motor skills of children between the ages of 3 and 5 years are taken into account. Through the discovery of the the key figures of the Piou-Piou Club, children will progressively develop their independence on their skis.

Classes in the morning, afternoon, or for the whole day?

The day's program is established with the habits of children in mind. Outside of the periods of ski instruction, the time is divided between snack breaks, toilet breaks, games, and discovery amidst the snow and the mountain. If, in passing by the club, you see your little skier without skis, remind yourself that these moments are indispensable; children tire quickly and their attention span is very short. 
For the three-year-olds - Opt for the half days. If you have an early riser, the morning course is recommended. If, to the contrary, the common denominator between the mountain and your little tot is the marmot, then the afternoon course works best. 
For the four and five year olds - A morning in addition to an afternoon is possible. Opt for a meal break and a rest before the afternoon class begins.

And if my kids don't ski the first day?

Your children might need a little time to acclimate themselves, get their bearings, and discover a new world. Let them take their time. They will observe, play, jump, run, slide in the snow with their ski-boots and ski equipment. All these movements aren't trivial; they will permit your children to familiarise themselves with the snow and with their equipment.

And if they cry the first day?

The Piou-Piou Club professionals have enough experience to recognize separation anxiety tears and tears resulting from fear of the unknown and will also make every effort to reassure and engage your children. We attach a lot of importance to dialogue with the parents. Don't hesitate to tell us useful information concerning the well-being of your children.

A small error to avoid - Staying "only one hour" hidden behind a slalom gate after the start of the session in order to observe your children: it's human but disagreeable for the ski instructor who will think you are spying on him or her, and there is nothing more certain to redouble your children's fears. Instead, ask for an assessment at the end of the session. The ski instructor or another member of the Piou-Piou Club staff will give it willingly.

Advice Especially for the "Piou-Piou Club" 

• Students enrolled at the "Piou-Piou Club" do not need ski poles. Be advised that they will need ski boots and skis (which are not included in the price of the course). 
• Mark your children's equipment with their names.
• A snack break is built into the framework of the class.

Advice Specifically for the group classes

• Bring your children to their reserved class which will be indicated by signs. 
• Supply your children with a numbered weekend available at the foot of the signs indicating where the group courses gather.
• Spot the ski instructor and the letter on the signs with the colour corresponding to the group at the end of the first course.  
• Pick up your children at and bring them back to the same letter (unless you are told otherwise by the ski instructor, because your child has changed groups).
• For new skiers arriving Monday, put your children at the end of the queue (the last letter).
• Children enrolled in the beginners' collective course do not need ski poles. Plan to bring ski boots and skis (which are not included in the price of the course).