Kids from 3 years under to 6 years of age

The main objective of the Piou-Piou Club is to motivate children to move and play in the world of snow by entering into their "imaginary" world. This educational concept is based on fun, freedom, and games by putting into play a learning experience which is adapted to each child and is without constraints.

The objectives are threefold:
  • Introduction to Independence - Children must be able to safely move freely from one workshop to another, choosing their own path.
  • Progressive acquisition of motor skills through the discovery of the key figures of the Piou-Piou Club. With Piou-Piou, I discover the world of snow. With Blanchot, I'm moving on my skis, up the hill, down the hill. With Sifflote, I glide and I control my speed with the snowplough position. With Garoloup, I change direction and I choose my own path down the slope. With Titourson, I am independent and I can leave the Piou-Piou Club.
  • Discovery of the mountain environment and the first notions of security - All activities are related to the discovery of the five key figures in the story, "The Adventures of Piou Piou".