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skiing and equipment for the disability skier

Experience the pleasures of skiing accompanied by a specially qualified instructor

assisted skiing wirth access to the slopes and mountains with ESF
ESF Samoëns offers lessons / guides for people with disabilities in collaboration with the Samoëns Handiglisse association which provides free equipment. These courses are given over a minimum duration of 2 consecutive hours.

It is also possible for non-skiers to discover the slopes and the pleasures of skiing with a wheelchair driven by an approved instructor.

  • Ski Tandem or FMS : For people of any age, any weight and any handicap or disability. With the help of an instructor, discover the mountain landscape and the pleasure of skiing.
  • The Dualski and the Uniski : For people with disabilities of the lower limbs. Access to the pleasures of skiing independently after learning and skiing approved.
  • The Kartski : For disabled people with lower limbs but not enough balance to ski in Uniski or Dualski.
  • The Trotiski : For people who want to ski standing up but do not have enough muscle tone to do it alone, hemiplegic type.
The Handiski lesson option is offered by the ESF Samoëns within private lessons for a few hours or book a instructor for half day or a whole day.

It is imperative to contact the ESF as soon as possible in order to determine and reserve the equipment corresponding to your disability.

You will then be given all the information necessary for the successful running of your lesson (equipment, meeting place, package ...).
dates & times
start of season
From 12/12/2020
to 19/12/2020
Between 9.30 and 4.30 pm
From 20/12/2020 
to 02/01/2021
12 - 1.30 pm
and 12 - 2 pm
From 03/01/2021 
to 06/02/2021
Between 12 and 4.30 pm
february holidays
From 07/02/2021
to 06/03/2021
Between 11.30 and
 3 pm
From 07/03/2021 
to 18/04/2021
between 12 and 4.30 pm
6 private lessons
From 559 €
Private Lessons - over 6 days Sunday to Friday or Monday to Saturday
  • Excludes a lift pass
  • Depends on instructors availability
  • Course of lessons over 6 days
  • Please contact us with your requirements
Course1 person
2 h x 6 consecutive days559 €
3 h x 6 consecutive days838 €
4 h x 6 consecutive days1117€
From 98 €
Private Lesson - 1 LessonEveryday
  • Prices exclude lift pass
  • Depends on the availability of instructors
  • Book at the ESF office
Lesson1 person
2 h98 €
3 h 147 €
4 h 196 €
contact us 
28 Place de l'Office du tourisme - 74340 Samöens