Advice for your child


The Piou-Piou club staff is composed of qualified supervisors specifically trained to teach skiing to children. They consider the specificities of early childhood and the physical, emotional and moral safety are constant priorities in our children's clubs. Teaching children to ski is an integral part of the instructor's professional qualification, which enables him or her to provide a smooth, dynamic and progressive learning.

What to wear:

  • Jacket, dungarees or overalls: warm, comfortable and waterproof.
  • Mittens rather than finger gloves.
  • Mask or sunglasses (attached with a cord).
  • Sunscreen with a minimum UV protection factor of 3. Even on cloudy days, the reverberation is intense in the mountains.
  • Helmet is highly recommended.

Pensez à :

  • Pockets in the jacket for the little snack and the ski pass!
  • Straps under the jumper are not practical for urgent peeing!
  • An undershirt: choose breathable clothing (avoid cotton, which keeps moisture in when you sweat).
  • A jumper made of wool or fleece.
  • Tights: same as the undershirt, avoid cotton.
  • Socks: warm and in your size! Creases in shoes cause rubbing. 

What equipment does your child need?

  • Shoes: the right size! Not 3 sizes larger if you plan to wear 2 pairs of socks in addition to the tights: this is a mistake!
  • Skis: tips at chin height. Trust the professionals to adjust the safety bindings according to your child's weight.
  • Poles: no poles needed in the Piou Piou Club.
  • Helmet: mandatory.
  • If you buy the material, be aware that your child will grow up, the adjustments will not be the same from one year to another!

A small mistake to avoid:

    Try not to watch your child during the lesson time. Children need to be focused on the lesson to make progress and it would not help them. You can talk with the instructor at the end of the lesson to see if everything went well.